Friday, March 7, 2014


This falls under the "not brilliant, but fun" category. At least I hope it belongs to the latter part. Nothing mind-blowing, but a clear extension of a previous small piece I did called Chickadee. Like that piece, I tapped into my fascination with small birds (something I'll likely continue to draw from considering a couple larger pieces I have planned).

Anyway, aside from subject matter, this is another painting that I kept cooking on a back burner during  assignments. It's been worked on here and there along with several others small works. Fifteen minutes here, a half hour there — drips and drabs of effort resulting in a finished piece. Or rather pieces, considering that there were more than just this one.

It's oil on gessoed hardboard and measures 5 inches wide by 7 inches tall.

As has been the case with all these small pieces, I had no sketch to begin with. I just wanted to figure the whole thing out along the way. It was sloppy and loose to start with and then got tighter as time went on. Honestly, I think this one ended up much tighter than I prefer, but that's where the process took me.

Rather than drone on with any deeper analysis, I'm just going to let it rest. It's Friday, after all. Let's just enjoy the silliness and move on.