Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Terrible Mind

So, admittedly there's been less stuff on the site of late.  I admit that I've been a little delinquent, but there's been an awful lot of work to do and a lot of juggling going on behind the scenes that may or may not lead to big news in the near future.

I've also had the misfortune of having one of the articles I was working on diligently completely rendered obsolete upon reading some stuff that my second cousin, Chuck Wendig, cooked up on giving and receiving criticism.  If you want, you're free to go dig for these articles on his blog.  Given that these blog entries are more specifically about literary criticism, they don't quite hit the nail on the head of what I was going to get at, but the articles are useful nonetheless.  I'm counting, however, on your laziness so that when I finally get a chance to revise and reconstitute my articles, I won't lose anyone with any apparent redundancies.

In the meantime, I recommend you check out these two entries that Chuck has put together regarding life as a freelancer.  Though he's once again coming at it from the point of view of a freelance writer, the issues he discusses are universal and cut to the bone.  If you're pondering the freelancer's life, these articles make a good start to any pro/con list you might put together.

First article is: Want To Be A Freelancer? Just Punch Yourself In the Face Instead 

Second article is: Why You Should Freelance (Despite All That Face-Punching Business)


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