Sunday, October 24, 2010

Random Thoughts On My Trip To Germany So Far...

I dislike being lured to a random place in the middle of nowhere only to be charged to use the only bathroom available.

I would like to fire all of America's driving instructors and replace them with German citizens.

There is a shockingly low number of red lights here... Probably due to the fact that German citizens know how to drive.

The food is excellent, though a little heavy at times.

The people are lovely and have put up with my butchering their language very graciously.

Castles are neat.

Two liters of beer is a lot for one sitting.

I really love pedestrian-only zones. I wish we had them in the states.

I do apologize for driving down the pedestrian-only zone in Heidelberg, though it turned out to be perfectly legal on this one occasion.

Actually, I didn't drive down it, Amy did. I can't drive cars with a standard transmission. I was still at fault, however (I was navigating).

I was not prepared for snow. But then again, neither was Germany.

The screen grab feature on the iPad has made printing maps out unnecessary.

Finally, the Astin Martin DB 9 is easily the most beautiful car I've ever seen driving down the road. While not German, I did see it on the autobahn, so it still counts!

The Magic event is next weekend. I will write about it after I get home. Plus, I'll probably gab on about the trip some more.

Stay tuned...

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