Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Link To An Interview

Here's an interview I did for Wizards of the Coast while in Bochum (link).  It was a bit difficult to talk and sign at the same time, but I somehow managed.  Plus, Tim Willoughby (the interviewer), did a pretty good job paraphrasing when necessary in order to turn a random conversation into something a bit more clear.

I do have quite a bit to say about Bochum, but I figured this would be a good primer.  More later on what I'm told was the 5th largest Magic Grand Prix ever.


  1. Hi Steven!
    Just a random question regarding your signing session in Bochum. Me and my friends were wondering why you didn't alter any cards.
    We were guessing to you were either happy with the cards as they are and didn't want to change anything or that you were afraid it wouldn't look good.

    Greetings and keep drawing awesome stuff! (I love your Death Mark!)

  2. I have an article about this forthcoming. There are a number of reasons that I will explain. First I need to write up a nice summation of the event itself. Then I'll go back into the article about alterations and put it up. Stay tuned...


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