Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Recent Magic Events by the Numbers

All figures below pertain to the duration between January 1st, 2013, and February 25th, 2013.

3: The number of Magic tournaments I appeared at.

2: The number of those events which were Grands Prix.

9: The number of sharpies I wore out during those events.

2: The number of sharpies that were silver (the rest were black).

8: The number of days spent signing autographs.

62: The total number of hours spent signing during those 8 days.

2: The number of lunch breaks taken during those same 8 days.

12: The total number of ibuprofin taken to address back and wrist issues from sitting all day doing nothing but signing my name and drawing.

1: The number of cards accidentally signed that were not ones I did art for.

2: The number of cards intentionally signed that were not ones I did art for.

1: The number of items signed that were not related to the game of Magic (it was a copy of the first Badass book).

0: The number of card alterations done.

10: The number of hours spent working on playmat commissions in hotel rooms after signing all day.

42: The number of times I was asked if I was a digital artist.

1,600: The appoximate number of players that attended the Magic Grand Prix Atlantic City in January.

2,693: The total number of players in attendance at the Magic Grand Prix Charlotte this past weekend, making it not only the biggest Grand Prix ever, but the biggest Magic tournament in the game's history. Additional interesting numbers on the subject can be found here: link.

3: The number of on-camera interviews done.

9: The number of hours spent driving.

470: The number of miles driven.

2: The number of flights taken.

1: The number of locations visited that were new to me (Charlotte, NC).

3: The number of other Magic artists I spent time with (r.k. post, Eric Deschamps, Terese Nielsen).

3: The number of meals shared with any of those other artists.

10: The number of hours spent making prints in preparation for the events.

4: The total number of prints destroyed by my printer.

3: The number of hours spent packing.

2: The number of hours spent unpacking.

3: The total number of days spent recovering.

3: The number of months until I make another appearance (Spectrum Fantastic Art Live in May).

Additional facts:

The card I signed most often: Overgrown Tomb.

The runner up: Gravecrawler.

The event I did in Edison, NJ, was the most offensive smelling event I'd ever been to. The entire venue smelled strongly of wet dog due to the combination of a dog show that was running at the venue simultaneously and the winter storm which preceded the weekend.

Numbers I wish I had:

The total number of cards signed.

The total number of a particular card signed.

The total number of autographs.

The total number of playmat drawings.

The total number of times I screwed up my own signature.


  1. Did you write this stuff on sticky notes during the day or something? lol

    1. Some, yeah. Other bits I just retained or could easily look up.


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