Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Catching Up With New Work

Our move to Boston has continued to be something Amy and I are really happy with.  Though we're only now entering our fifth full month as permanent residents, things continue to go smoothly and we're pretty happy in our new home.  Despite all this joy, life has not been kind to either one of our families over that same time period.  A lot of death, a lot of sadness, and a great deal of disappointment.  There have been times where Amy and I both have felt like Cerberus' chew toys, and the repeated punches in our mental and emotional guts have left us a little worn and weary.

Nevertheless, we are alive and kicking.  We continue to do what needs doing.  We manage to keep moving.  The blog, however, has suffered.  A bit.

I've been trying to write some stuff recently but distractions have been many and severe, and I'm finding certain stories I want to tell difficult to nail down.  Perhaps I'm aiming a little too high with some of these things, but that's always been my nature.  In the meantime, I figured I'd pop in and write a few words to bring things up to speed.

I'm going to go ahead now and make a couple announcements then close with a new piece.  First, I will be at the Magic Grand Prix in Providence, Rhode Island next month, along with fellow artists Lars Grant-West, R.K. Post and Ryan Pancoast.  I can't say whether any of the other guys will be bringing paintings, but I'll have a few, and I'm sure there will be prints and proofs available all around.  Should be a nice event and I'm looking forward to it.  Secondly, I am still headed to Japan in June.  As long as Wizards plans on having the Pro Tour event there, I will present to support it.  Joining me will be fellow artist Mike "Daarken" Lim.

Further details on the above events will appear on my site's news page as we close in on their respective dates.

Here, now, is the newest piece spoiled officially by Wizards of the Coast for the upcoming New Phyrexia Magic set:

©Wizards of the Coast

I can't tell you what it's called because they haven't released that info, but they did at least spoil the image.  As soon as that bit of info has been released, this guy will end up in the gallery on my site.  I don't fancy leaving him untitled until then.

Well, I'm off to finish up the voluntary changes on one painting and make a go at completing the unfinished second take on the Badass cover.  With a little luck, I'll be able to start that personal piece I was talking about at the beginning of May.  I shall keep you all posted.


  1. Nice one Steve! I really like the design of him as well as the effects of the various colored light sources. Did you build a model or just go at it from your head?

  2. Hey Steve,

    That's a really, really nice piece. It may not mean much coming from me, but it certainly makes me lament my lack of both expertise and clarity of vision.

    What size is it, incidentally?

  3. @Scott - Thanks, man. I did it all from my head. I wouldn't recommend that, but it's what I did... for better or worse.

    @Drew - Thanks, man, I do appreciate that. It's a mere 14" x 11". I'm kind of wishing I made it bigger, but I worked on another piece I can't show yet at the same time that was much larger. It was a tough choice, but given how the other one came out, I regret nothing.

  4. Dude, that's one of the sweetest pieces I have seen of yours - which is saying a damn lot. Great textures and atmosphere - really, really kick ass, man.

  5. Wow man, that piece is amazing all around. Love the treatment on the suns.

  6. @Steve and Chris - I'm really glad this praise is being heaped upon me in writing. I needs me a permanent record.

    Curiously, the fan reviews indicate that it reminds a lot of folks of the Predator. I'm not sure exactly why that is, or if it's a bad thing. But I personally don't see it. But I haven't been keeping up with all the more recent Predator flicks. My brain always just goes to the original, so maybe there's an age gap involved.

  7. Awesome piece Steve. I agree with Chris, the treatment of the suns is excellent.


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