Friday, April 1, 2011

Cheese Platter 5

•I endorse anything that comes in a flagon.  In fact, I think more things should come in flagons.  That's it.  No joke here.  Flagons are cool.

•My profession, as listed on our mortgage paperwork, is "homemaker."  A curious thing.  I rarely make homes.  I usually make paintings.  (Wakka, wakka!)  While the reason for the altered profession is technical and not worth getting into, I must confess that it's given me a bit of a complex.  Though I sometimes question my abilities as an illustrator, there is solid proof of my inability to keep a home, so I know it's not really the kind of thing I can fall back on.  Let's just say that when I become rich and/or famous, there will be a cleaning lady.  With my luck, though, it'll be a cleaning lady who can paint better than I can, too.

•Speaking of cleaning house, you can always tell how close Amy and I are to deadlines by the condition of our house.  Right now, for example, calling it in disarray would be kind.  The fates have aligned our schedules in such a way that we are both slammed at the moment and have major deadlines within a week of one another.  The curious could actually track the timeline of our restructured priorities by going on an archeological dig through the piled up mail sitting atop our dining room table.  Don't get me wrong, no one needs to call "Hoarders," yet, but the place certainly has taken on a quality that Miss Havisham would find rather familiar.

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