Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Night Prelude, Part 6

I don't have a lot to say about the finished painting for Careless Juja's album. I suppose I can say that it's done, that I'm happy with it, and that it's now at the framer being appropriately adorned for my wall at Spectrum Fantastic Art Live 2. I suppose I could add that it was a fun little ride for such a straightforward piece, and that I'm pretty stoked by how close the painting came to what I originally saw in my head. Maybe that last bit isn't too surprising, though. Like I said, it's a straightforward piece.

Just for a refresher, it started out as this sketch:

After putting this sketch together, I then made this quick and dirty color comp:

Terrible right? But it gave me more information than I had before it existed (if you can believe it).

And so I painted. And I painted. And I painted some more (with a little more painting thrown in for good measure). And then there was retouching. Lots and lots of retouching. A full day of retouching. But it was worth it. All that work to bring you this result:

It's called the Night Prelude. It's oil on wood panel and measures 20" x 20". Thanks a lot for following along.


  1. Nice feel, man! Love the expression. And I thought the sketch was nice too (obviously not like the finish, but then they don't call it a Sketch for nothin!) Hehee.

    Great work!


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