Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Gen Con 2010 Wrap-up

Another Gen Con is behind us and I want to thank Barbara Fisher and her crew for doing yet another fine job at keeping the artists in line and treating us like royalty.  Barbara and her staff have an exceedingly difficult task to perform and somehow always seem to make it all look so easy.  I don't personally possess the patience or the people skills to pull off the logistic nightmare they have to endure, so the fact that things run as smoothly as they do is truly mystifying to me.

It was also really cool to get to hang out with so many incredible artists.  I had enough fun for two people and can't believe how hoarse I got from chatting and how much my sides hurt from all the laughing.  This was arguably among the best looking shows I've ever had the honor to be a part of, and it has made me want to work that much harder for next year.

Finally, to the fans, I thank you for your kind words, support and your gratitude.  I wouldn’t be where I am today without fans – both of my work and the games I’m lucky enough to work on.  You’re all great and I look forward to coming back next year to sign and chat with you all.

And now, some pictures for your enjoyment:

My Booth at Gen Con 2010
 ©Amy Belledin

Some of the many cards I signed. I think I signed over 1000 on Saturday alone!
 ©Amy Belledin

A good look at my thinning hair while signing.
 ©Amy Belledin
This guy won an uncut sheet of foil cards. Pretty swanky!
 ©Amy Belledin
 ©Amy Belledin

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