Sunday, August 1, 2010

Regarding the Name...

Push and pull is what I call one of the last parts of my painting process.  When my paintings are almost done I do one final evaluation and add finishing touches like highlights and glazes that push some aspects of the painting back in the painting's space and pull others forward.  It's the last attempt to make certain that I'm leading the viewer's eye around the painting as intended.  It's a finishing touch, but it's also essential.

I suppose there are philosophical implications to the phrase, but in truth I wanted to call my blog something other than "Steven Belledin's Illustration Blog" and I happened to like the way Push and Pull sounded.

There are many art and illustration blogs out there and I often feel that I have little to contribute that hasn't already been covered thoroughly in one of them.  Nevertheless, contribute I shall and I will attempt to entertain along the way.   Here's hoping the ride is a good one...


  1. Yeah boy!
    Looking forward to reading your modest wizdom.
    And also the rest of the nonsense you have to say about your own artwork.


  2. Welcome to the happy fun land of writing things for Internet distribution! May your eventual descent into madness be anything but a slipperly slope.

  3. Glad you joined the cult. Show me some of the Belledin magic.

  4. Welcome to the blogger club. It's about time. haha, can't wait to see your posts!


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