Friday, February 25, 2011

Cheese Platter

• When I was a kid, we were only allowed to have one box of cereal open at a time.  Truly my parents were ruthless overlords.  It took me almost a decade of not living under their roof to break myself of this habit.  Currently I have three boxes of cereal open.  Clearly my care-free days are finally upon me.

• I've always thought of my head as a race between grayness and baldness.  It is clear that the baldness is winning.  The curious thing about this is that both of my grandfathers had full heads of hair.  My father does, as well.  My uncles, however, are hit and miss.  My hairdresser in New York agreed to tell me when it was time to go for broke and shave my head.  I have yet to make the same deal with my new hair dresser.  Still, I have more hair than Prince William.  For him, it's a race against time to get wedding pictures taken while he still has any hair at all. 

• The last advertisement for Clinique that Amy had anything to do with finally came out the other day.  It features a tiny image of a mascara dispenser that is allegedly life-size.  I guess it's mascara for people with really small eyes.  Or maybe it's for cats.  In an ad campaign that is famous for its white space, I wouldn't be surprised to find out that this ad contains the most white space in the history of the campaign.  Either way, it is weird to see the last bit of Amy's influence at Clinique pass on so.  Odd that it should be such an understated piece to close out her tenure there.

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