Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Badass Release!!!

So, I'm a day late with this one, as it actually happened yesterday, but Badass:The Birth of a Legend was released yesterday, and you can buy it wherever books are sold.  Like bookstores and such.  In celebration of the fact, I'm posting a few interiors I did for the book.  All black and white, all oil, all about 8"x10" on 10"x12" illustration board.  Pretty simple stuff.  Without further ado, the pieces:


White Tights

Red Dwarf

While I could explain what each of those is about, that would defeat the purpose of buying the book, now wouldn't it?  There are other pieces by other talented folks so it's worth picking up even for the art, but the writing isn't too bad, either.

There is a book tour that goes along with this book.  Ben Thompson, the author is busily shuffling about the U.S. reading, signing, and answering questions.  Allegedly, I'll be present at the book signing in Boston on March 29th.  Supposedly I'll be signing, too.  I haven't received any kind of confirmation to corroborate this, but I will be at the signing either way — even if it makes me look like a stalker or a groupie.  Further details regarding the tour can be found here.

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