Monday, February 20, 2012

Valentine: Day 5

To be sure, the pace of this job is slower than I usually work.  I know it's moving along at a crawl and like I said, I'm juggling a bunch of other things right now.  I've got  ten black and white pieces to finish, a job I really can't say much about, and a personal piece I've been doing legwork on in order to have if for Spectrum Live, in May.  Add to this the fact that I'm still dealing with the residual affects of the move (buying carpets, laying said carpets down, rearranging furniture, spending time addressing the mice in the walls, etc.), and you've got a very distracted Steve.  This week will see another major distraction as Amy and I will spend a day signing the piles of paperwork it will take to finally get rid of our old apartment in Queens.  It's bittersweet, it takes me away from my work, but it's also very necessary.

Between then and now, I should be able to make some pretty serious progress on the piece, and hopefully it'll be interesting to you all.

"So," you might ask yourself, "what's changed?"

Good question.  There have been a few subtle changes made to the face, the coat is getting a bit closer to completion, and I've started to decide on the layout of some of the various details of the uniform.  What I haven't done somehow seems to be more important.

Though I've added some additional tone to the background, I have not done anything more substantial than that.  I'm still not addressing the piece as a whole, and Valentine has nothing to relate to in the real world.  In my head, I have a plan, but it's not one that's easily typed out.

Still feeling a bit dodgy, the hip area has yet to be corrected.  I have, however, had additional reference taken to help solidify that issue and will endeavor to hammer out the issues I'm having.

Finally, I still feel like the head is a bit too large for the body.  I think it requires only a slight fix, but it's certainly something that I feel needs doing.

So, the checklist for today is as follows:

1. Start dealing with the whole of the piece.
2. Correct the anatomical issues in the hip area.
3. Start finishing up that uniform.
4. Have Valentine visit a head shrinker.

I think that about covers things.  Checklist in hand, I shall now get to work.

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